We feel it is important to maintain greenery within our communities for future generations. We are very much in favour of preserving existing trees wherever possible, and planting suitable species of new trees within Urban areas.

Trees provide many advantages to an urban area, which include:

  • Improving local air quality.

  • Reducing noise pollution.

  • Stabilising temperatures, particularly on very hot days.

  • Reducing the risk of flooding.

  • Adding value to urban areas by making them more attractive and consequently increasing house values by 5% to 15%.

  • Promoting a sense of local pride and well being.

If you would like more information about the benefits of trees and local policy/initiatives, you may find the following of interest:

If you are interested in helping to preserve the presence of suitable trees and greenery in the area, or you would be interested in having a tree placed outside your house, you could adopt a tree. You will be able to select from a list of species determined as suitable for the intended location.