Associate Membership

All the regular groups or sessions held at the community centre for the benefit of local residents are run by Trustees or Associate Members of Humphrey Park Community Association. If you are not already a Trustee of the charity, you will automatically become an Associate Member when you start running sessions here.

  • There are no additional charges or fees for being a trustee or associate member of HPCA (The only fees you will pay are for your use of rooms within the community centre at the current hourly rates).

  • You will be issued with the code for the main doors so you can gain access to the centre when required.

What are the responsibilities of trustees and associate members?

  • Trustees are responsible for the day to day management of the charity and have voting rights during committee meetings.

  • As an associate member, your only responsibility is to run the events you hold at the centre; you are not required to make any additional commitments (unless you particularly want to).

How often will I be invoiced for my room hire fees?

  • We will send you an invoice at the end of each month for room fees incurred during that month. Don't worry if it's sometimes a little late - we are volunteers so we do this around our work and family commitments.

  • Your payment is then due by the 15th.

How do I make a payment?

  • Payments must be made directly into our bank account, details of which are provided on your invoice.

  • As payment reference, please use the name of your group so that we can easily identify it, and mark your invoice as paid.

  • Please do not pay more than the value of your invoice - over payments get lost in the system because there won't be an invoice for the system to allocate it against.

How do I make changes to my regular booking?

If you need to make any changes to your regular booking, you can do this at any time:

  • Use the Room Calendars to check availability and find a suitable available slot.

  • Send us a message to let us know your requirements so we can amend the calendars accordingly. Please remember that we'll need your group name, date, and the start and finish times to action this.

If you are taking a break during school holidays, please provide details of your cancellations with as much notice as possible so that rooms can be available for others to use.

  • If you give at least 2 weeks notice of cancellations, we won't charge you for these sessions. However, as much notice as possible would obviously be preferable.

  • If you prefer, we can base your school holidays on the terms dates of our nearest primary school, Highfield.

Are my details secure?

All data is kept in line with GDPR requirements. Your details are stored within the Hall Wizard system, in our Gmail contacts list, and may also be within our Google shared drive if required for monitoring purposes (eg. indemnity insurance expiry dates). Details of your group, names and contact details will be displayed publicly on our website if you have given us permission to do so.

How do I get a copy of my centre account for my records?

Your invoices will always be emailed to you as a PDF. If you are required to keep a copy of them, please download them from the emails.

If you require a copy again, please specify the invoice number required so that we can locate it in the system.