Associate Membership

All the regular groups or sessions held at the community centre for the benefit of local residents are run by Trustees or Associate Members of Humphrey Park Community Association. If you are not already a Trustee of the charity, you will automatically become an Associate Member when you start running sessions here.

  • There are no additional charges or fees for being a trustee or associate member of HPCA (The only fees you will pay are for your use of rooms within the community centre at the current hourly rates).

  • You will be issued with the code for the main doors so you can gain access to the centre when required.

This page includes some information in addition to our terms which you may find useful.

What are the responsibilities of trustees and associate members?

  • Trustees are responsible for the day to day management of the charity and have voting rights during committee meetings.

  • As an Associate Member, your only responsibility is to run the events you hold at the centre; you are not required to make any additional commitments (unless you particularly want to).

How do I access the centre on a regular basis?

We will provide you with the door code. Please don’t share this with anyone outside those who help to run your group or need to gain access in order to do so.

When do I need to pay for my bookings?

We'll send you an invoice on or around the first day of each month for fees incurred during the previous month. Payment is then due immediately. Payment details are included on your invoice.

How do I make changes to my regular booking?

If you need to make any changes to your regular booking, you can do this at any time:

  • Use the Room Calendars to check availability and find a suitable available slot.

  • Send us an email to let us know your requirements so we can amend the calendars accordingly. Please remember that we'll need your group name, date, and the start and finish times to action this.

If you are taking a break during school holidays, please provide details of your cancellations with as much notice as possible so that rooms can be available for others to use.

  • If you give at least 2 weeks notice of cancellations, we won't charge you for these sessions. However, as much notice as possible would obviously be appreciated.

  • If you prefer, we can base your school holidays on the terms dates of our nearest primary school, Highfield.

Every January, we will extend your recurring booking up to the end of August of the following year in order to reserve your space.

How do I get a copy of my centre account for my records?

Your invoices will always be emailed to you as a PDF on a monthly basis. If you are required to keep a copy of them, please download them from the emails as you receive them.

If you require a copy again, please search for "Your invoice for Humphrey Park Community Centre" in your email account, then download the invoices you need from the emails again.

If required, we can produce a statement for you. You'll need to specify the date range required for us to do this.

Can you help with advertising my sessions?

Most of our associate members have a page on our website to promote their sessions. This not only provides a space for them to advertise their sessions, but also indicates the diversity of events being held at the centre. If your events are public, we would like to create a page about your sessions too. For this we will need some written text about what you do, and preferably a few photos, and your logo if you have one. If you already have a website, we can lift some content from there and link directly to it, if you are happy for us to do that.

We can place an A4 advertisement on our noticeboard inside the centre. Please send notices to us electronically.

You can share pictures and comments via our facebook page here if you wish.

Can you provide me with any storage space?

If you require any cupboard space in which to store belongings between your sessions, please let us know and we can see what is available at the time. If we don't currently have any storage space available for you, we will add you to the waiting list.

Please keep the centre clean and tidy.

The community centre is run by volunteers; for the benefit of other members of the community using the centre after you, please leave it in a clean and tidy condition when your booking has finished. If you experience any problems on arrival, please let a member of the management committee know as soon as you can. If you need them, basic equipment for cleaning up spillages, wiping tables after use and brushing up are available in the cupboard to the right as you walk into the kitchen.

For more information, please see our Terms of Hire.