We always welcome constructive feedback on the facilities we provide.
Whether it's a compliment, suggestion or a complaint, we'd love to hear from you.

Thank you to everyone who has already commented on our services. Here is a selection of the comments received from centre users:

  • Sep 2019: I want to personally thank you and all your team who always gave us all the support we needed. We really enjoyed the time we used Humphrey Park Community Centre, and we really appreciated all the improvements you guys are doing. Once again, thanks for everything and I wish all the best for you and the Humphrey Community….

  • Dec 2016: On behalf of Czechoslovakia Manchester, volunteers, parents and kids, I would like to say huge thank you for having us and for your help with everything - from beginning to the end! We're still talking about what fun we had and how great your venue is and we will definitely book again.

  • Feb 2015: I am also using this opportunity to thank and appreciate you and the entire staff of Humphrey Park Community Centre for your care and great service to humanity. God bless you all.

  • Jan 2015: Attended the toddler session this morning (10-11.30am) and it was absolutely fantastic. Such a variety of different activities that my child was entertained throughout the session. The staff were excellent so well worth £1.50 per session.

  • Jan 2014: Charity work in spirit and in truth. Very neat and tidy Centre with decent toilets. We use the centre for our meetings every Sunday afternoon so I know what I AM TALKING ABOUT. The administrators are wonderful, well dedicated to what they do.

  • I am from a group of childminders that travel from Sale every Wednesday to come play at the toddler group, we feel that the provisions provided are second to none!! And such fantastic value for so little money! It has a large, clean and airy room that is divided into play sections creating a lovely friendly and more importantly safe environment for all ages and stages, the toys are changed weekly and are well cared for and clean (not something we find at all other groups ). The staff here are helpful and friendly and always willing to help, the milky coffee and buttery toast supplied is a bonus!! We in particular love the weekly craft sessions, this means the children have something to take home to parents and not a speck of glitter in our own homes!! Thank you for making our Wednesdays so much fun, see you next week xxxxxxx

  • I just want to say thank you for adding our information to your website. I have to say how well you run the centre and what a great experience it has been so far booking the venue. Thanks for making things so simple!

  • Thank you for the use of your brilliant community centre, which is such a great resource. It is great to serve the community in a non-stigmatising local community centre.

  • We find the centre a great venue for our groups and are grateful for the opportunity to use it.

  • We have decided that Humphrey Park really suits us and want to make it our ‘home’. It is a real credit to you and the team.

  • The centre is definitely an essential meeting place for activities for all ages.

  • The centre is very successful for a wide variety of activities.

  • Easily accessible by all via the ramp at the entrance.

  • Light, airy and spacious with good facilities.

  • Large rooms - the kids love the open space.

  • Good parking.

  • Plenty of tables and chairs.

  • Your website is well laid out - it's easy to find the information you need.

  • I would just like to say that your website is fantastic! The photographs are clear and the information about the size of the rooms and prices is ideal when you are looking at costings. Thank you.

We have also received some very helpful and interesting suggestions that will help us to improve our facilities further. All the feedback we receive is discussed at our monthly committee meetings. Here are the details of what we have done as a result of feedback from hirers and local residents:

  • Recycling facilities have been provided which will soon match those available to households in Trafford.

  • We have obtained two green bins from Trafford Council which will help us deal with the large volume of leaves which fall from the trees every autumn.

  • Larger trees in the car park have been trimmed by Trafford Council to allow more light to enter the centre and prevent water running on to the building.

  • Cleaning products have been made available in the kitchen to make it easier for hirers to wipe down tables after use and brush up any mess they make on the floor.

  • Air fresheners have been fitted in the ladies toilet. Scented urinal blocks are used in the gents.

  • The playtots group have provided notice boards in the Main Hall for display of their work which we feel enhances the hall greatly.

  • New hand dryers have been fitted in the toilets.

  • The old stage has been replaced with a slightly larger one. This creates more floor space because equipment that was stored around it can now be stored underneath.

  • Additional storage cupboards have been provided (please note that items of value must not be stored in the centre).

  • Redecorated the centre throughout.

  • Replacement of all curtains and blinds.

Areas we are currently looking into include:

  • Applying a suitable protective coating to the wooden floors with non-slip properties (the previous wax coating, which some groups found too slippery, has now worn off).

Thank you very much for your support.

If you have any comments you would like to make, please do get in touch and let us know.

Many thanks.