Contact: Dr Emma Griffiths
Phone: 01457 601 671

First Aid skills can keep you and your pet safe, and save on expensive vet bills.

I'm an experienced, highly qualified teacher with a love of animals, so I have a strong background in the skills needed to offer value-for-money courses. I trained with two different schools in order to offer different options. Both courses lead to qualifications with formal certificates. Courses are tailored to the individual participants and their animals, so you get a personalised lesson rather than a franchised course, or an informal discussion group. As an acupressurist, I also provide a holistic perspective on caring for your animal, addressing the emotional as well as physical aspects of first aid. Public courses run in the North West and North Wales throughout the year.

Private group sessions
Individual lessons

Pet First Aid (Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs)
Canine First Responder (for dog owners, walkers, sitters, groomers)

I also offer group workshops for:
Small Animal Acupressure
Human Acupressure
Pet Partner Acupressure

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