Room Capacities

The number of people a room will comfortably accommodate will depend upon how you wish to arrange the tables and chairs. This is our guide to room capacities which should ensure you remain safe and comfortable. The diagrams show suggested positioning of chairs and tables so that entrances and fire exits are not obstructed.

*Where indicated, room capacities are based on maximum numbers permitted under fire regulations. These recommend 2 people per square metre standing and one person per square metre sitting. With the exception of the Annexe, the specific size and design of fire exits at the centre do not generally place any restrictions on these figures.

You can click the images below to enlarge them.


Whilst the prevelance of Covid-19 remains in the Manchester area, we would still advise 2 metre distancing. In order to maintain this, we would suggest the following maximum room capacities.

For 1 metre distancing, these figures can be doubled:

Hall 33
Annexe 11
Committee Room 4

This is regardless of room layout.

Please be sensible, and consider the nature of your activity along with the number of people you can practically fit in a room in order to remain safe.


(We would suggest that you may find it more comfortable to have less people standing than indicated)

*Seated, with chairs arranged in rows:

Seated at tables arranged in rows - like a traditional style classroom - with space for a separate 'teachers' table at the front:

Seated at tables arranged in a U shape:

Seated at tables arranged in a rectangle: