Humphrey Park & District Residents Society

Not to be confused with the community centre committee, Humphrey Park and District Residents Society was founded in 1946 by Mr A Story of Humphrey Crescent, with a view to improving the facilities that were lacking on the new Humphrey Park estate.

Through the efforts of this society, all the facilities enjoyed by residents today were provided:

  1. A public telephone box on Humphrey Lane - now removed.

  2. A pillar box on Humphrey Lane.

  3. A tunnel under the railway to Chatsworth Road.

  4. A footpath between Old Firwood and New Firwood.

  5. Road surfacing and improvements to street lighting.

  6. A small playground for children on Humphrey Crescent - no longer appears to be there.

  7. Building of the community centre.

  8. Laying out of a bowling green.

  9. Provision of a school bus service.

  10. Commencement of an Old Folks Club at the community centre.

  11. Provision of a library.

Attempts to obtain a railway halt were eventually shelved by British Rail until such times as the line was electrified. Humphrey Park Railway Station (one of two new low cost experimental stations) was eventually opened in 1984.

Some of the Resident Society Committee 1948

From Left: Mr H. Crossland, Mr Lees, Mrs Green, Mrs Jarrett, Mrs Lindly, Mrs Wilcock, Mr Clegg, Mrs Brookes, Mrs Isherwood

One of the last efforts of the society was to put pressure on the County Council, which eventually led to the building of Highfield School. The society disbanded in October 1952 because they considered that they had achieved everything they had set out to do.